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Our purpose, as GEMPOL Makine Mühendislik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., is to design, structure and produce special purpose machines and equipment that are in line with the needs of global customers, high quality, thinks and respects the environment and the human values.


We include each of our internal and external shareholders whether they are global or local who are being contacted by us, activate in the field of producing the machinery/equipment and its design to whom is being located as manufacturer in the area of energy, automotive, aviation, nutrition, machinery producing.


It is our main mission to keep on the give priority to the solutions which made difference in our clients’ production processes by proceeding in the direction of our aims and by figuring the our clients’ needs out clearly, and by composing our designation talent, technical data skills and equipment power.


Honesty and Reliability

  • We are going to provide the data which our business partners need to, and going to contact to be ensure that they had figured our plans and aims out.
  • In all business processes’ in or out corporate, righteousness and reliability is main prior value.
  • GEMPOL aims to be a model of reliability and respectability to the employees, to the clients, to the suppliers, to the business partners, to the rivals, to environment, through society and humanity.

Privacy and protecting the secrets related with trade

  • The information and documents provided by the company or has a possibility to be obtained in the business, secrets related with trade, financial information or any other information not exposed to public, hidden information copyrights of employees and should not be shared with third parties, are being evaluated in accordance with protecting the secrets related with trade, by entailing their prestige.
  • GEMPOL takes care of protecting the information of its employees and all shareholders. In this scope, all information of copyright of employees is being recorded in Management affairs & Human Recourses Department. Information concerning with employees are solely used when they are required, in the direction of aims of GEMPOL with the determined authorizations and by authorized people.
  • Employees cannot use the documents and information and all sort of what they have, entailing with their position and duty, when they quitting their job in a reason whatsoever, in order to get any profit or adverse effect on behalf of company or any other person.
  • It is prohibited that providing, in the way of broker or any other way, to get profit or the possibility of getting profit in the scope of “insider trading”.

Preventing the conflict of interest

  • GEMPOL employees avoid from the actions resulting with conflict of interest and during his works they take care of protecting the Company’s profit, they also avoid from any sorts of actions and behaviors that mean to get profit to themselves and relatives.
  • It has not been allowed in any way the being conflicted the Company’s profits and personal ones and to be obtained by employees not suitable profits to relatives and third parties, entailing with their positions.


  1. Our Quality management System will provide the customer satisfaction and sustainability of Quality by doing the requirements of ISO 9001 standards. 
  2. We will be a preferred and a dynamic company in each segment of sector in which we activate with our product and service quality
  3. We will be increasing the performance analytics at the highest level that would be competed in an international level, in the direction of always development approaching with each employees’ attendance
  4. To supply the required resources in order to provide the sustainability of management systems;
  5. Our Quality policy has being updated with realistic approaches in every year periodically in accordance with global and local laws concerning to you, regulations, standards, customer’s conditions, and global and local conditions chancing.

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