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Hydraulic Scissor Working Platform

Hidrolik Makaslı Çalışma Platformu

Hydraulic Scissor Platform

Hydraulic Scissor Platform This is a scissor platform, which has a special hydraulic drive and control system developed by GEMPOL design team, which may be used for lifting personnel. Hydraulic platform: It has two scissor units, which are independent from each other, and steel construction bridge platform connection, which connect such units to each other.

GMP HP 300 is designed in a way to ensure the maximum benefit and personnel safety in the field to be used.

It is equipped with mechanical and electrical safety equipmentIt may be designed specially in the lifting capacity and height demanded depending on the desired working conditions

GMP HP300 is a scissor platform , which may be used for lifting personnel having a special hydraulic drive system, which may work synchronously with the intermediate bridge connection of the platform with two scissors.

If required, it may be used for carrying load with personnel or only for carrying loads.

Movements of the platform may be controlled with remote control or the movement buttons on the automation panel.

GMP HP 300 Scissor Platform may be produced specially according to the desired sizes upon the needs and requests of the user.

Scissor Platform may be used for production, storage, shipment and leveling any kinds of moving loads.

GMP HP 300 Scissor Platform has CE Certificate according to EN 1570 standards.

Woring without Maintanance

GMP HP 300 Scissor Platform is designed for high performance and in a user focused way It does not require lubrication and maintenance conditions, which are required in the short periods It ensures working in different environments thanks to the special bedding and protection system.

Product Name: Hidrolik Lifting Platform
Operation Voltage: 380 VAC 40 A Maksimum
Load Capacity: 300 Kg
Weight: 1000 Kg
Max Working Height: 2500mm
Min Working Height: 370mm

Safe and Ergonomic

HP 300 Scissor Platform plays an important role in
creating ergonomic and safe working environment Hose
burst valve and sensors are used to prevent the free fall
of the platform Therefore, it is produced in compliance
with the hard working conditions and intense working

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