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Rotogravure Printing Cylinder Robot

Otomatik Rotogravür Silindiri Kelle Kaynak Makinası

GMP WAM 2500
Cylinder Welding Robot

WAM 2500 welding robot is designed and manufactured by GEMPOL to automate the welded production process on printing cylinders Machine workflow The roller pipe loaded on the drum unit by hand and the flanges loaded on the assembly stations are mounted on the pipe by hot fit and then welded.

The machine can be adjusted automatically/manually according to the general cylinder length and diameter produced.

The produced construction is durable that will not reduce the production performance at maximum cylinder diameter and dimensions, the materials used are compact and used to provide efficiency in continuous use.

Welding machines are water cooled type, annealing heads can be changed according to the desired diameter All sensors and mechanical equipment are monitored with the help of PLC.

The settings and necessary parameters are saved as recipes and stored in the machine memory

Flexible Operation

WAM 2500 Welding Robot With its welding and annealing heads, it offers the possibility of precise adjustment in four axes with screws Since the operator requirement is minimal, the possibility of faulty products is reduced to a minimum.

Product Name: Welding Robot
Operation Voltage: 380 VAC
Current: 60 A
Weight: 3200 Kg
Type: Wam 2500


WAM 2500 Welding Robot has a PLC system used to make production more efficient when necessary Thanks to the HMI panel, it provides the opportunity to create and save unlimited recipe plans

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