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Resin Trap for Composit Material Producers

Kompozit İmalatı Reçine Kapanı

Resin Trap

Absolute Impermeability

Steel Reservoir with High Strength Transparent Traceability
Input & Output Options
-990 mBar Capacity
Resin trap, which is designed and produced by GEMPOL , and which ensures professional, qualified and high impermeability rate, has been used by many producer companies since 2014.
Resin trap, which is designed professionally, works smoothly even in the most intense composite production areas.
A silicone rubber, which appeals to the heavy industry, ensures positive impermeability and air tightness High quality vacuum is ensured with the resin line It ensures two input and output vacuum line connections
Optionally, centers of the connection points may be rendered changeable and adjustable Input and output points may be changed in terms of number and size in line with the request
Lock mechanism consists of the parts, whose reliability is proved and which is produced specially.

It ensures the efficiency of the infusion processes

Resin infusion seizure container is produced from soft steel and base for the surface, which is resistant against the solid abrasion and chemicals Gempol resin trap has 30 mm of unbreakable and transparent plexy glass cover, which ensures good traceability inside the container during the use, which is processed in the water jet.

Resin trap vacuum chamber is designed with the easily
demountable methods against the contamination of the
interior of the container.

Easy and Safe Use

Resin trap is designed for the resin infusion projects for the heavy industry and light industry. It places between your vacuum pump and the resin infusion project and prevents the extra resin coming from the infusion from damaging or being devastated due to the pump in the vacuum line. It has transparent and plexy glass cover in order to see the resin accumulated in the seizure container, therefore, you can control the resin level.


  • Resin Trap
    GMP RT 00
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
    50 kg
  • Capacity
    -990 mbar

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