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Machinery and Equipment Design

The Turkey investments that made by local and foreign firms after the globalization taught us the need for local suppliers that providing effective benefits. Thanks to education we received and experience we have gained with working years in the fast moving consumer goods producing companies we learn to be able to design economic, safety, fast, easy to maintain machines.

The real issue is not with the dishonesty, design these products with producing solutions that will make a difference and to ensure compliance with customer and market requirements is to adapt to the manufacture of machinery and equipment changes are necessary.

Gempol in the service of domestic and foreign companies with making  running machines with static load and making equipment and machines which requaring high dynamic information.

Gempol also serves the becaming machines faster, improving the current system’s inadequacy and increasing safety conditions issues.

New Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

We are trying to meet our customers expectations with producing of machinery and equipment designed by GEMPOL or customer.The main features of our machine and equipment to meet customer needs, high performance, low maintenance and is easy to use. Being a follower of the products we sell; Before the continuity of customer satisfaction, then we will be important in terms of the analysis of new customer needs.

Turnkey Process Design

Turnkey Process Design is producing new project according to determining the need for improvement and development in current production system job and information flow of customers and market conditions.

The needs of Turnkey Process Design emerged with significant amounts of investment cost that paid to foreign engineering firms and the Turnkey Process Design is one of the important needs of the future.

Electronic Automation

One of the common problemsin production machinery is decreasing in performance with automation equipments which consist of the old technology. We can produce turnkey solutions with identify the automation change needs for capture the targeted performance and quality values. We can modify existing systems developed in accordance with the daily needs. In particular, we have experienced rapid production processes area.

Technical Services

Maintenance Support

In addition to our own production of machinery and equipment maintenance we also make various industrial equipment and machinery maintenance. 

Machine Relocation

Gempol able to make the industrial production facilities and relocation of machines projects according to determined locations and desired performance and layouts.